Software Solution for Cities' Net Zero

We have been supporting municipalities in Germany and Switzerland on their way to climate neutrality for over 10 years.


How do cities and regions benefit from gaia?

Municipalities have great potential for saving greenhouse gases. Many countries have committed to becoming climate neutral by 2045, so there is a great need for action. The gaia platform offers the necessary database and many practical tools for all stakeholders to manage municipal energy planning. We have been supporting municipalities in Germany and Switzerland on their way to climate neutrality for over 10 years. gaia is actively in use at more than 1800 municipalities across Europe.

Our software in detail

You can see how we can support you as a municipality with our gaia platform in the following examples. Our software has a modular structure so that we can react individually to the needs of our customers. Whether CO2 balancing, simulation of energy source changes, calculation and presentation of potentials for renewable energies or identification and creation of concrete measures - gaia supports you on the way to climate neutrality.


Intuitive display of all relevant values with shortcuts to the required user actions.


Consolidated balancing of greenhouse gas emissions of all sectors according to national and international standards.


Intuitive display of energy consumption in existing buildings. Easy search for potentials through filters and simulation of energy source changes.


Inventory and potentials for renewable energy systems, storage, gas generation and combined heat and power.

action planning

Catalogue with proposals for measures and activities. Measures are customisable for your effective climate master plan. Accumulation of emission reductions and costs.

What advantages does gaia offer?

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White Labeling

Colours, logos and many content elements can be edited via a content management system. This ensures an individual appearance.


gaia offers a basic filling with data on emissions, building stock and infrastructure. These are additionally enriched by measured data to achieve the highest possible approximation.


Our web-based software model enables our customers to always be up to date with new releases or practical functional enhancements.


Compliance with security standards in terms of data storage is a solid part of our expertise. Whether it's regular pen testing or strict compliance with the DSGVO.

User roles

A tool for different stakeholders must be able to map individual perspectives. Whether technical processing or public communication - gaia maps this.

Industry expertise

For more than 10 years, we have been supporting energy suppliers and municipalities with smart climate software. Our team, consisting of scientists, software architects, data scientists, designers and energy consultants is well prepared for latest demands in the market.