Solutions for energy suppliers

Our software gaia ensures security of supply on the path to net zero


How do energy suppliers and grid operators benefit from gaia?

Increase in revenue
Increase in quality
Strategic positioning

Energy suppliers play a key role in the process of achieving municipal carbon neutrality. But here, too, the laws of the market apply, in which the competition does not sleep either. With the gaia platform, we provide an effective basis for customer loyalty that incidentally drives the digital transformation. Another tool for the municipal sector displays connections aiming at ensuring supply security. Years of cooperation with industry leaders make us a strong and experienced partner.


Differentiation and competitive advantages

Municipal energy transition

Positioning as a strategic partner


Analysis for EDL sales

Construction measures

Benefit from synergy effects with municipalities


Revenues from platform sales


Optimisation of own EDL projects

Effort reduction

Automated data provision for municipalities


Aggregation of municipal IT

gaia in detail

You can see how we can support them as an energy supplier with our gaia platform in the following examples. The design of our software makes it possible to react quickly and flexibly to individual needs. Whether network analyses for supply security, the recognition of synergy potentials in construction measures or the processing of municipal rebates - we deliver a tailor-made system.

Network analyses

Evaluation and presentation of load profiles in the low and medium voltage grid.

Project planning and construction measures

Rough drafting of projects in the municipal environment for coordination with the municipality.

Simulation Supply Security

Show status quo, simulate and visualise the utilization of supply networks with regard to the increases of renewable technologies.

Integration of products and services

The Action Planning module provides measures and activities for municipal users and planners.

What advantages does gaia offer?

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White Labeling

Colours, logos and many content elements can be edited via a content management system. This ensures an individual appearance.


gaia offers a basic filling with data on emissions, building stock and infrastructure. These are additionally enriched by measured data to achieve the highest possible approximation.


Our web-based software model enables our customers to always be up to date with new releases or practical functional enhancements.


Compliance with security standards in terms of data storage is a solid part of our expertise. Whether it's regular pen testing or strict compliance with the DSGVO.

User roles

A tool for different stakeholders must be able to map individual perspectives. Whether technical processing or public communication - gaia maps this.

Industry expertise

For more than 10 years, we have been supporting energy suppliers and municipalities with smart climate software. Our team, consisting of scientists, software architects, data scientists, designers and energy consultants is well prepared for latest demands in the market.