We have the solution to boost the municipal net zero strategy

Emissions today and in the future
Digital Twins of cities and regions
Indication of building consumption data
Action plans for effective emission reduction
Actively in use at more than 1800 municipalities
Showing potentials of renewable energy integration

Our platform for all stakeholders in the energy transition

Local authorities can influence the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Since many countries have commited to climate neutrality until the half of the century there is a great need for immediate action. We have the software for municipal climate transformation and can support cities and regions on their way to an emission-free future.

Energy suppliers and grid operators

  • How can I win and retain cities and regions in the concession competition?
  • How can we help our municipalities to achieve climate targets?
  • What is the quickest way to find out which services and products municipalities need?
  • How can I ensure efficient security of supply?
  • How are the grid operations influenced by the increase of load?

Municipalities, cities and regions

  • What is the distribution of energy consumption in the urban area?
  • How much co2 do we cause at present?
  • How much energy can we save?
  • What can we do to reduce CO2e?
  • What are the possible fields of action for our municipality?
  • How can we communicate our plans to the citizens in a clear and efficient way?

Energy planner and consultants

  • How can I optimise the process of collecting data?
  • How do I best coordinate with municipalities and energy suppliers?
  • How do I achieve a uniform data set for the planning of multiple projects?
  • How do I document progress in a sustainable and transparent way?
  • How can I identify areas of interest on the map?

Das Sammeln und Verwalten von Daten bildet die Basis von gaia

grid development and stability
buildings & heat planning
renewable energies
transportation & mobility
agriculture & forestry
industry & small-scale industries, trade and services
data collection
management of data
artificial intelligence
user Interface

All data is gathered in one place, highest transparency

All important steps of municipal heating concepts: status-quo, potentials, objectives and measures

Platform for all stakeholders in the climate policy transformation: Municipalities, energy suppliers, energy consultants, the public

Continuous further development and expansion within the framework of SaaS

Since 2011, we have been working for energy companies, cities and regions

What does the path to climate neutrality look like?

"We have created a digital twin of our city, with the help of which we will succeed in making our beautiful city even more liveable in the long term: greener, healthier, more independent and more digital. In the future, municipal energy management can be planned and measured in a climate- and demand-oriented manner using this tool. The successes of the implementation can also be checked transparently in this way."

Mustafa Sancar, EVI Hildesheim

"Excellent visualisation of energy efficiency measures over time with easy simulation of impact of strategic options"

Peter Räber
Leiter Energieberatung, Primeo Netz AG

The digital energy platform helps municipalities to specifically plan, implement and make visible their reduction path towards net zero.

Erik Schmausser
Municipality Development Energie 360°

"In ansvar cities, we plan to have 100% renewable energy in all sectors between 2029 and 2035. enersis' digital twin helps us get these climate targets into the press and to the population."

Felix Rodenjohann
CEO & CO-FOUNDER von ansvar 2030

"Our cooperation with enersis offers our client access to expertise and agency in the area of near-surface geothermal energy  - a crucial feature in the transformation of heat systems, including the existing buildings."

Volker Clauß
Business Development Manager Storengy